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Philine Hollander

Biography of a curious brain

Philine Hollander, designer and artist, born in Amsterdam and raised around the globe. From an early age she began investing her pocket money in beads and has been collecting and creating ever since. Her sense of style and taste was formed by what she saw, inspired by the natural and cultural worlds she grew up in. An original creative, Philine is completely self-taught. Enthusiastic, passionate and naturally curious, she learned by doing.

After school and a few years studying law, Philine Hollander spread her wings. She developed concepts for venues in the South of France and elsewhere. Started a line of 'one of a kind' jewellery. Worked at a graphic design agency. Produced at a company doing backstage catering for concerts and festivals, and did the design and organisation of exclusive private and corporate events. Philine advised a stroller brand in developing a new identity and products. She does styling for photography and develops corporate identities for online companies. She paints and is currently working on a cookbook.

In 2005, Philine Hollander launches her own accessories brand 'Philine'. Quality and craftsmanship are essential to her designs. It is a prerequisite that things are made 'with love'. A distinctive style of natural contrast, sexy simplicity and individuality make her designs unique and recognisable. 'Rich Hippy', 'Smart Rock', 'Edgy Classic'. Her collections so far include bags, belts and jewellery. In 2011 she launches her web shop Here she offers direct access to her studio.

In her interior design, Philine Hollander seeks harmony and balance in contrast. She creates spaces where people feel at ease. Her style is classic eclectic. She contrasts calm clean lines with materials, objects and art from the (natural) world. Modern to antique. Philine Hollander firmly believes that an interior should reflect the identity of those in it. She tailors her work specifically to translate the lifestyle of her customers.

A glimpse into Philine's 'curious' brain shows some of her inspirations: curiosities of the natural world, like shells and fossils. Cultural influences such as African masks, Asian kimonos and European art and literature. Raw materials in glass, linnen, stone and leather. Collections of rarities and discoveries from around the world. Philine Hollander lives and works in Amsterdam. Her style, as she puts it, is 'a view on the world' or 'lifestyle' as a greater whole.

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